About Anna

Anna Folmer is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. She has been teaching for over 18 years. She received her Power Yoga teacher certification in 1999, and her teaching experience extends from the United States to Singapore (where she taught under a coconut tree) and back. Anna’s educational background, in addition to yoga, is in environmental economics and environmental education, in which she holds a masters degree.

Anna teaches yoga for all levels and all ages. Anna competently challenges olympic-level athletes in fiery vinyasa classes, and in her gentle classes, students get her softer side as she lovingly assists 95 year old ladies from sitting to standing and through various gentle poses. In addition to her calming gentle style, Anna is a certified prenatal yoga teacher, and having four children of her own, she has a lot of experience. Recently, Anna broadened her experience by teaching trauma-sensitive yoga to groups like Veterans with PTSD and women affected by abuse.

Anna is a wonderful blend of hard and soft. Because of her many travels to India and the first hand understanding of the culture Anna brings a unique sensibility to her teaching. People love her strong, challenging vinyasa classes and other students only know and love her as a gentle teacher. What all her students have in common is that they all feel they are safe, because Anna makes alignment an integral part of every class. Students often comment that Anna encourages them to do things they never knew they could do.

Anna recently moved with her family to Kufstein, Austria from San Clemente, California. She is looking forward to this fresh start and teaching yoga in the Kufstein area. 

She is available to teach private classes and small group classes in the convenience of your home. New is that you can now schedule a class with Anna from anywhere. Since February 2020 she teaches online classes as well. Join an existing class or schedule a private via Zoom.  For more information, see the page on private classes, and to book a session contact Anna.