What People Say About Anna

I was an inflexible yoga student beginning at age 72. That was over 2 years ago. With Anna’s gentle guidance, I have continued my practice and gained strength, flexibility, and balance. Anna helped me to modify poses to accommodate my limitations. Yoga is now part of my life, primarily due to her expertise and patience.

Ruth Ann

Yoga Student, Dig Yoga

The women you taught expressed how much they appreciated the time you took to be in touch with their bodies and souls and to help them find peaceful relaxation at a time when they were experiencing depression and anxiety.

Barbara Posmontier


I knew right away from taking your yoga class in Newtown that you were a kind, caring and gentle teacher.

Associate Professor

Drexel University

Anna has a passion for yoga. She is dedicated to her personal practice, to being the most effective teacher she can be, and to instilling in her students a deep understanding of yoga’s promise and how it can blossom into one’s life. Her own life is a testimonial to the benefits of a steady, consistent practice and teaching career.

Maureen Shortt

Yoga Program Director, The Solebury Club

I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to let everyone know how special you are.


Mother Baby Connections

As a yoga teacher I am kind of picky when I take a yoga class. I want a teacher who walks around the room and observes as she teaches. Anna is that kind of teacher. She has a keen eye for alignment and can help you go deeper into your poses. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer an adjustment or modification when and where needed. She is fun and encouraging but at the same time she can teach an intense class. I have known Anna as a friend and colleague for about 12 years. She not only does yoga, she leads a yogic life.   

Karin Eisen

Fellow Yoga teacher, The Solebury Club

I have taken highly challenging Vinyasa classes as well as Gentle Yoga with Anna and can say that without a doubt, she is an incredible yoga instructor.  Her vast yoga knowledge, diverse sequencing, and focus and insistence on proper alignment for safe practice set her apart from other teachers.  In her Vinyasa classes, Anna challenges you to step out of your comfort zone but guides you safely through it. In her Gentle classes, Anna provides a warm environment for gentle stretching.  The best part of Anna though is her warm, kind and thoughtful nature.

Caroline Orford

Fellow Yoga teacher and student, The Solebury Club

If letting go is the hardest asana, then know Anna is there to catch and guide you: she brings intelligence, knowledge, and humor into the practice–simply let go and trust, and you will go further than you ever imagined possible!

Marilyn R

Yoga student, Optimal Yoga Studio

Anna’s classes are always thoughtful, playful, and challenging.  I always thought I couldn’t work out without music, but Anna taught me how beautiful just a teacher’s voice and my breath can be.  

Anna can guide you in 10 perfect breaths–and a one-armed handstand.

Lisa Horst

Yoga Student, The Solebury Club

Anna’s years of experience teaching yoga are apparent in her relaxed, knowledgeable and fun approach to the ancient tradition. She has a profound respect for her students who always leave class with a smile.

Heather Martin

Yoga Student, Dig Yoga